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Saturdays: Great Vespers at 6 pm
Sundays: Divine Liturgy at 9:30 am

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Serve the Lord with gladness:
come before his presence
with singing!

— Psalm 100:2

. .Worship

. .Schedule of Services at Holy Trinity

Orthodox worship encompasses all of the senses. We see the images, we hear the singing and join our voices to the choir's, we smell the sweet fragrance of the incense, and if Orthodox, we partake of Holy Communion which is the Body and Blood of the Lord. You will see people making the sign of the cross on their bodies, making bows, kissing icons and lighting candles.

Visitors are invited to participate as much as you wish.

Divine Services

A daily and weekly cycle of services exists within the Orthodox Church. It is common to find monastic communities celebrating the full cycle of services, while in parish life it is more likely that the following services would be celebrated:

Holy Communion (Eucharist) 

This is the real presence of the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ, not a sign or a symbol. Therefore only prepared Orthodox Christians may receive Communion since through the use of the word Communion we mean that we are one, in belief and practice.

Those not yet in full union, that is, members of the Orthodox Church, may not receive the Sacred Mystery of Communion. In fact, Orthodox should not receive unless they have recently been to Confession, said the pre-communion prayers and have fasted, preferably from the preceding evening, but at least from the midnight prior to morning reception of the Mystery of Holy Communion.

Orthodox who are not known to the priest should speak to him before the service so he will know they are communicants; just ask a member to send word to him.

The bread (antidoron) given at the end of Liturgy is not Communion, but is given as a sign of fellowship. This is frequently given to visitors as a gift out of love. The bread is blessed and set apart before communion and should be eaten reverently.

Standing (and kneeling) 

The Biblical postures for prayer and Orthodox traditionally stand at Sunday services. But for most people this takes some "getting in shape," so feel free to sit as much as you wish. We kneel a good bit at weekday services during the Great Fast.


We don't have a nursery during the services because we believe it is appropriate and beneficial for children to be in the services as much as possible. It may take a few visits, but young children can learn to settle down, and it's surprising how much even toddlers absorb. It's no problem if they move about quietly but please be considerate and take them out briefly if they become very noisy.

Proper Etiquette

In the Orthodox Church there are numerous customs and traditions that are important parts of our worship. Some of these customs are universal to the Church, while some may vary from parish to parish, or cultural tradition. The following article Church Etiquette, adapted from an article by Father David Barr of the Antiochian Archdiocese, addresses questions most often asked about how to act in an Orthodox Church.



Eve of Feastdays:


General Confession:

Great Vespers at 7 pm
Divine Liturgy at 9:30 am
Vigil at 7 pm
Divine Liturgy at 9:30 am

After Great Vespers on the
2nd Saturday of each month.

Please contact Father Martin
to request annointing during
sickness, or for a pastoral
visit to hospitals, hospice care
facilities, or your own home.

. .Learn More About Orthodox Worship

Perhaps you have already done some reading about
Orthodoxy, or perhaps are already an Orthodox Christian
wanting to learn more about our Faith, or maybe this is
your first time encountering Orthodox Christianity.

Here is a list of books we recommend:

The Orthodox Faith Series
by V. Rev. Thomas Hopko

An online version of this four volume set covers various
topics including Doctrine, Worship, Bible and Church
History, and Spirituality

The Orthodox Church
by Bishop Kallistos (Ware)

Introducing the Orthodox Church: Its Faith and Life
by Rev. Anthony M. Coniaris

Orthodox Church: Its Past and Its Role in the World

by V. Rev. John Meyendorff

The Faith: Understanding Orthodox Christianity:
An Orthodox Catechism

by Clark Carlton

The Orthodox Study Bible
Includes a study guide and introductory information as
part of the appendix.

Thirsting For God in a Land of Shallow Wells
by Matthew Gallatin

The Faith We Hold
by Archbishop Paul of Finland

. .Orthodox Prayers

Common Prayers for Orthodox Christians

. .Featured Resources
Bible Readings

Today’s scripture readings and saints

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